Look at our new sling bag!!

Do you remember the curtain samples contributed by Jimmy and Angela last year? Well, I sewed three blankets out of them, my mum also sewed the pencil bags with them, and now, take a look at mum’s latest creation….


It’s a sling bag! And it has two zippers.




…and here!


And two pockets at the back. Mum says, “One of the handphone and one for tissue paper.”

It’s a perfect fit!


This is the front.


 This is the back!


Mum is testing my new high-powered Vitamix blender. I’m having a really fun (blending for dummies) time with it. And if I may say, I can actually make (ahem!) Starbucks standard smoothies…ha ha. This is my post-GST food plan – more home-prepared meals! It makes delicious hot soups too – that will be my home-alone meals.


A banana-orange-grape smoothie for mum!

If you are interested in the sling bag, please write in. It makes a perfect “green” gift as it’s made with curtain samples and 100% of your donation goes to the animals. It’s washable and should last you at least two generations!

Each bag will be completely unique and special! One in a million!

2 comments to Look at our new sling bag!!

  • Chen

    Now this is a good looking handy bag! I have seen bags selling for over RM300 that are hideous. So a good bag like this must be worth something precious!

  • jasmine ong

    Nice bag. I agree with Chen Chen’s comments.