Regina the Cat

This black-and-white cat has come to our porch quite a number of times before. I think she belongs to the house down the road.

This evening, when we came home, this cat was standing on the culvert of the neighbour’s house, and the moment she saw me, she mewed and came towards me.

I think she was really, really hungry. In any case, she also looked very thin. By “thin”, I am comparing with all our heavyweights. Which of our 14 cats are not heavyweights?

You see this syndrome often, especially during school holidays or public holidays. I think some owners go off for holidays and leave their cats out to roam and fend for themselves.

So, I quickly went in and brought the kibbles out, along with Mr Zurik’s bowl.

We took these photos with our handphone cameras, so please excuse the poor lighting.

Vincent wouldn’t let the little cat in. So she waited outside the gate, determined not to leave until she was fed.

By the way, on hindsight now, I have decided to call the little cat, “Regina”. We are currently watching the series, Once Upon a Time, and my heroes are the so-called villains, Rumplestiltskin and Regina, the “evil” queen. Both are powerful characters. Very charismatic and not sickly-honey sweet, which is rather pathetic. I like giving powerful names to seemingly “underdog” animals. And, Rumplestiltskin and Regina are not evil, by my books.


Eat up and bulk up, Regina!


Vincent, Ginger, Daffodil and Rosie came to watch.

mini-IMG-20150320-WA0039 mini-IMG-20150320-WA0040

Mr Zurik came too.


 She ate two full helpings. She was ravenous, as though she hadn’t eaten for days.

mini-IMG-20150320-WA0042 mini-20150320_203952

Isn’t she terribly skinny?

She’s definitely female.


Regina is smart. After eating, she went to my husband for protection.

Or was she trying to gain his favour so that she could work her way in? After all, Rosie did that (and brought Ginger and Daffodil) and Heidi did that too. Only Zurik failed miserably at the same game.


Heidi missed everything as she was sleeping inside the house.

Will we see Regina again?

Honestly, I hope not. I hope she has a home and her owner will return soon. I certainly don’t mind the occasional guest, but not another Patio permanent resident, please!

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