Spaying subsidy for 4 cats in Sarawak (Dayang Nurfaezah bt Abang Ahmad’s)

We have subsidised RM400 for the spaying of Sassy, Bella, Maggie and Nia.

We thank Dayang for taking the photos of Sassy, Bella and Maggie together in one shot as the three really look alike!

From: Dayang Nurfaezah Abang Ahmad
Date: Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 9:12 PM
Subject: application for spaying subsidy
To: “” <>

Hi Dr. Chan! I would like to apply subsidy for 4 female cats (Nia, Sassy, Bella, Maggie) that i recently sent for spayed. I feed them daily around my housing area  (with some of other cats that i planned to neuter/spay soon). Pardon me if the pictures are a little bit unclear. The cats cant stay still. and i have to put some bandages on the wound so that they cant bite/lick it which they always tend to do. They are quite handful. My younger sister and i currently fostering them before we can released them when they get better later.
bsm after nia sbm before


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