Team Bird strikes…and wins!


We are hungry, may we have some more food, please?

No, it’s right after breakfast….wait till later.


Step 1: Send Ginger up the kitchen table, sit in front of target and just look….Ginger.



Step 2: Send sister up as back-up. Sister need not approach target. Just be visible to target.

Still no?


Step 3: Pretend to be so hungry until there is no energy left. 


Step 4: The rep from Team Bunny might try to sabotage your plan, but don’t give up. Just ignore his incessant mewing and persevere. Do not falter from plan.

Bunny: Stop it, you birds, stop it! Don’t pretend!! It’s not fair, you can’t be hungry yet. But er…if you get food, hey, we want food too! We want food! We want food!!  


It’s a sure win. Guaranteed. Works every single time!

Bunny (from grille): We want food!!  We want food!!


Final step: Take a victory photo with target…to brag! Neh neh neh neh neh…we got food, you did not, we got food, you did not!

At the grille, pounding could be heard.

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