Congratulations, Imm’s Shelter!

We send our heartiest congratulations to Imm’s Shelter for “bouncing back” when the going was really tough (that’s 4 years ago) and for prospering now. Judy Chua, Imm’s friend, has continued sending monthly financial updates to us since Day One, of course this was not necessary at all, but she still does it for accountability and transparency.  Rare…and very admirable!

And to all our “old” and loyal well-wishers who have followed us for years, thank you very much for your generosity which made it possible for Imm, Judy and their animals to celebrate today! Special thanks to the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association for their devotees’ quick response and generosity to Imm’s plight.

Congratulations, Imm and Judy.  We wish all of your and your furries good health and success for many, many more years to come!

If you’d like to contact Imm and Judy, Judy’s email address is below.

Note: Judy’s appeal to help Imm came 4 years ago when we were still able to raise funds for many causes. Now, our funds are strictly for neutering subsidies only and as a general rule, we no longer do shout-outs for shelters, organisations or individuals for financial assistance as there are more effective channels elsewhere.

From: judy chua <>
Date: Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 11:46 PM
Subject: Imm’s shelter – Feb/Mar 2015

4th Anniversary

4th March 2015 marks the 4th anniversary when Dr Chan Kah Yein responded to Imm’s appeal for help (financial support & hands-on volunteers) for our furry friends in her shelter. Dr Chan posted Imm’s appeal in her blog site on 4th March 2011.  She titled it ” VERY URGENT – help needed for 59 cats and dogs”.It wasn’t just mere words coming from Dr Chan, she kick started the fund raising with a personal donation of RM500 on the very day the appeal appeared in her blog.  Many donors followed suit much to Dr Chan’s amazement.  She had initially told Imm & I not to raise our hopes, but when donations started to flow in, Dr Chan remarked that Imm must have sown much good karma from her 20 years of rescue work for our furry friends.Hands-on help also came immediately from Dr Chan’s schoolmate, Yvonne Young and her son, Kurtis.  Also Carol Chong, and Linda Suhaili & her husband who helped cut the overgrown weeds. Yvonne, Kurtis & Carol all came during the week to help clean the poo & pee for almost a year till we were able to get a worker to do the daily cleaning.
From 4th March 2011 till now, all our furry friends’ needs have been fully funded from donations received from all of you. This beautiful & magical miracle came from kind beautiful hearts. Thank you all so much.
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1 comment to Congratulations, Imm’s Shelter!

  • Syee

    I must salute Judy & Imm for looking after the Shelter animals, tirelessly, rain or shine, EVERYDAY of the year!! Their shelter animals are very very Blessed with their Tender Loving Care & I mean TENDER LOVING CARE…..