Getting ready for Berjaya Founder’s Day (28th March 2015) with 3 new tshirts

Due to our plans to slow down in December 2014 when I was really sick, we were thinking of selling off all our tshirts and not printing anymore, more so with GST around the corner.

However, we were invited to open a booth at this year’s Berjaya Founder’s Day, so we have to have tshirt stock again as from previous years’ experience, tshirts sell the hottest at BFD.

So, thanks to our very efficient and accommodating supplier, we managed to whip up THREE new tshirts.

Yes, THREE! A small volume of each. Cannot order a large volume…”onslaught” of the GST!

The stock will be arriving just on time for the Berjaya event, but of course, as always, you, dear readers, get the first viewing and the opportunity to purchase (by donation).

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the designs…


We call this “Hearts”

Firstly, thank you very much, Terry Saw, for sponsoring this design. Secondly, thank you very much to our dedicated designer who rushed the design in time for us. Thirdly, thank you very much to our supplier who also rushed this for us, working through the weekend, even though our order is, comparatively, rather small. We are truly grateful for all this help.

The Hearts is really meaningful – it shows a dog, cat and hedgehog to present land animals, a generic bird (those who fly) and a generic fish (those who swim). It also has a guinea pig and a rabbit (these represent our stand against animal testing). The animals are arranged in a heart shape, signifying love and kindness.

And oh, our days of printing on unbleached cotton is, unfortunately, over for now, because we simply cannot afford to take up a whole bale of cloth anymore. Unbleached cotton is not popular so to procure it previously, we had to take up a whole bale and commit to a large volume of tshirts, this is a luxury we cannot afford anymore, especially with the implementation of the GST.  We can only print in the supplier’s principal colours (there are six), hence Hearts come in white only. White is the most affordable colour.

We are also absorbing the GST for our tshirts for as long as we can as we know how everyone will be badly hit by the GST, so on our part, we are willing to absorb whatever we can. It would mean a little less for the animals, but we know everyone is badly hit. And animal rescuers and caregivers are even worse hit because most of our petfood and medicines are imported and traded in USD. The depreciation of the RM will soon cause (or has already caused) all prices to increase, with GST or not.

So, our tshirts stay at RM25 (by donation).

Now, we have another two tshirts too, and it’s a remake of an “old” design in two new colours! I’ve just seen the prototype yesterday and they are so beautiful! Beauty in simplicity.

Guess which “old” design we are remaking?

We will have all the stock by Thursday, hopefully, and you will get to choose first! There is no hurry since we are maintaining the price at RM25, but we just want to ensure you get the sizes you want since Berjaya is usually a sell-out (from previous years).

GST or not, life still has to go on and the animals still need help, so let’s do our part to help them!

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