OMG…it is raining owls!!

Thank you very much for your Owl Series orders!! We will be posting your orders to you as soon as we receive your donations.

I stopped by at my mum’s after work today and oh my gosh….it’s raining owls!!


Mum has made 11 toy owls for Animal Awareness Day at Universiti Malaya (25th March 2015). We won’t be able to go this round, but kind Dr Veeranoot has arrange for her students to open a booth for us. So yes, the little owls will be there at the event!

mini-20150323_152327 mini-20150323_152344

There are BIG owls too, and these will be made into hug-pillows or bags, depending on what you like!


The material is canvas, and it’s from Korea.


We’ve got one order for the hug-cushion already.

The hug-cushions are RM40 each (by donation).


These are the pouches, ordered by some of our readers.

mini-20150323_152614 mini-20150323_152623

If you’d like to order the big owls, please write in.
Let us know if you’d like it to be a bag (RM50) or a pillow (RM40). It’s by donation, as always.


The hanging toys


The pouches

And a few more owls:




Owl Bond (the spy)



It’s OWL season, folks!

Come get yourself an owl!!

The small owls are only RM5 (by donation). Makes a cute little gift!

5 comments to OMG…it is raining owls!!

  • irene

    I love these!!!!! So cute

  • OMG so cute! How much are the little pouches & how to place order?

    • chankahyein

      Hi Li Jin,

      Would you like to order now? We have the little owls available. Big owls should be coming in a month’s time.

  • Anita

    Hi Kah Yein,

    I really love the idea of the owl bag. Is it still available? And is it possible to bag a bag out of the small owls? Please advise

    • chankahyein

      The owl bag is not available yet, but you may book one as we have 16 owl motifs coming soon (I’ve already ordered online). What is to “bag a bag”, please clarify?