More scenes we’d like to see


Cow: Indy has taken my springy bed…



So, the boss decided to make a new springy bed for them. Springy beds start off as tunnels. Then, it gets converted into a springy in time, when titans descend their heavyweight persons on the beds, flattening them.


This new tunnel was slotted under the veggie trays. Pole, our engineer, checked it out…after 3 days and declared it “safe”, by her standards.

You can use it, it won’t collapse. I’ve stamped my approval. 


Whom can you trust, if you cannot trust your own sister, right?


This was the other springy bed, created for Cow.


Look, Oreo – we cut our serai and it’s growing fine again!

Thanks, Chen Chen, for the tip.

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  • Chen

    A good hair cut can do wonders! Don’t forget to dry the cut up serai leaves to make serai tea. Tasty fragrant and healthy. My mom makes them every time her serai needs a trim.

  • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    Mama just cut ours today-ngiao! And she hung up the bundled leaves to dry in the kitchen to make tea… I know cos I heard her telling Papa what she wanted to do with it. Papa said he wanted to use the leaves for steaming fish… ooooh, fish! Maybe I can get some… yums!

    • chankahyein

      Serai-flavoured fish? Oh wow….lucky you both, Oreo and Hazel!

      • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

        We haven’t gotten serai fish-ngiao but I have had serai-flavoured steamed prawns. Yummy yum yums! Hazel hates fish and prawns though, she turns her little nut pink nose up at them and refuse to eat. She’ll only lap the soup. More for me-ngiao! :3

  • chankahyein

    Hi Oreo, Could you take a peek the next time and see if it’s steamed with fresh serai or dried serai? And does Mama have to pound the serai or do something with it first? Thanks, ya!

    • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

      I’ve seen my serai steamed prawns before… it’s fresh serai bruised a little and tied into a knot-ngiao! Dr Chan, are you going to steam serai prawns for Bunny’s Place and the Patio Cats? It’s YUMMY!!!

      • chankahyein

        I’m definitely thinking of doing it. But Team Bunny is extremely fussy…Cleo wants raw chicken breast ONLY, Bunny eats the same but not too much, Indy drinks liver blood and liver, the rest wants Monge. Sigh…maybe I’ll give it to Team Bird? ha ha… Thanks for sharing Mama’s recipe! Team Bird = PatioCats.

        • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

          You’re most welcome, Dr Chan! You can try giving Team Bunny some, for all you know, they may like it-ngiao! Mama says I’m a fussypot. But I just love my fish (only 1 or 2 types) and prawns. Mama’s feeding us pureed chicken with pumpkin now cos that’s what the Little Nut likes, and I think Mama must have added something else cos this time, I LOVE it too!

          Indy sounds like a vampire-ngiao. :3

          • chankahyein

            Pureed chicken – raw or cooked? Wow! Your Mama is a really good chef! I used to cook for Bobby and the cats “tolerated” the food. But after Bobby passed on, they all issued a petition saying they only want Monge and Primal.

            Is your fish steamed? I once steamed kembung fish for Team Bird and everyone attacked the fish while I was deboning it in the sink, as though they hadn’t eaten for decades. But later, Vincent had diarrhoea and that really frightened me. Luckily it was just a one-off thing. Vincent made sure I saw him pooping the….yucks…out.

            Indy says “Slurp…I AM a vampire!!”

  • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    Awesome! I want to learn to be a vampire too-ngiao! But is it healthy to drink blood-ngiao? Sounds icky!

    Boiled chicken and pumpkin then pureed. Mama learned from you when you were cooking for Uncle Bobby-ngiao. Mama makes sure our food are all cooked, no raw meat for us. But I did try to steal a prawn once from the sink when Mama was cleaning them! Mama was chased me around the house and didn’t let me eat it up. 🙁

    • chankahyein

      Ooh, ok. Ha ha…”learnt from me”? Now, that’s a first! But yes, gone are the days of cooking every few days for Uncle Bobby…sobs, miss that. I should try cooking for the cats, actually. We humans have to put up with this thing called the “GST”. In cat terms, it’s like you having to give up 1-2 prawns each time Mama serves you your favourite prawns – how bad is that, right?

      Eating raw food – there are two “schools of thought” on this. Indy and Cleo are the only ones who like raw food. But Cleo only eats chicken breast, Indy only drinks blood and eats raw liver…yes, it’s icky…but you’s Indy. What can I say? We stopped giving him his icky blood already. He pines for it, I’m sure.

      • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

        Mama definitely learnt from you-ngiao. Mama was following MyAnimalCare before she had me and if it wasn’t for the articles you posted about cow’s milk being harmful to kittens, Mama wouldn’t have known to not feed me or Pumpkin cow’s milk when we were found, or take us to the vet. Mama was furious with the first vet that she took me to cos the vet only bothered to feed me-ngiao. The vet didn’t bother to check to see if I was healthy, or had any fleas or ticks, or even give me any immunisation. So Mama asked Grandpa and Grandma to take me to another vet.

        I have to give up 1-2 prawns-ngiao? Noooooo! It’s bad enough that Mama tries to make Little Nut eat 1 of my prawns…

        • chankahyein

          Oh yes, I remember your “beginnings” and I even remember the photos showing Grandpa and Grandma taking you to another vet. You have certainly come a long way now! And isn’t life good, especially for cats like you who have great parents and wonderful grandparents too – so, so lucky!

          Yes, giving up 1-2 prawns each time you are served…imagine what we humans have to put up with. Sigh…but we shall protect our cat-people from such unthinkable brutality. Definitely!