The tshirts have arrived!! You get to order first!

I don’t have anyone to model the tshirts right now, but here are the photos!


They all turned out beautifully, as intended!

It’s fully combed cotton, very suitable for our weather.







RM25 each (by donation). Shipping charges apply.

For every design, we have the following sizes:

Ladies: 36, 38, 40

Sports: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

We will be taking all this stock to Berjaya Founder’s Day tomorrow, but right now, you get to choose first! Please place your orders by writing to, but please check availability of sizes before banking in your donation.

We already have 60 orders (and counting!).


I didn’t dare order too many, especially with GST looming around the corner and not knowing exactly how this would impact on the general public’s spending.

But for a donation of RM25 (fully combed cotton, supporting an animal charity), I dare say it’s still a good buy, especially as gifts for loved ones.

mini-P3270850And now, I have to go check stock and pack for tomorrow’s event!

Now, where are all my cat-helpers??


For ladies’ cut, you will see this little “l” beside the size on the label. I won’t be labeling the plastic bags anymore…phew!

An update: My cat-helper arrived and insisted on taking these photos for me:

mini-P3270851 mini-P3270852 mini-P3270854 mini-P3270856

Thank you, Ginger!


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