Berjaya Founder’s Day (the event)


Today’s the day!


We wish to thank Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Berjaya Cares and Better Malaysia Foundation for their generosity in giving us these funds in support of our work. We are deeply honoured and grateful.


A presentation by the Berjaya staff.


Here we are, with the mock cheque.

That’s Mary (it’s been a long time!), me, Xiang Jun (our new volunteer) and Terry.

We were terribly short-handed at the last minute, so we thank Xiang Jun very much for taking time and comingĀ all the way to help us today.

For future events, we are also terribly short-handed. If you’d like to help us, please write to me. Criteria: Reliable, honest and willing to carry things (!) and help all day. Preferably a blog reader so that you are familiar with our work.

mini-P3280857 mini-P3280858 mini-P3280859 mini-P3280860

Sales was pretty good. We sold out on our sling bags, the little owls (yes, all have flown to their new homes) and our soap (gosh, we should have brought more!). People were asking for our toothpaste too, but I figured we won’t have table space for so many things. We brought a lot of tshirts and sales was quite good too.

We all had a great time today and once again, we thank Berjaya Foundation very much for the opportunity to spread the awareness on how we can all help animals.

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