Spay-neuter subsidy for 4 dogs (Alice Voon Kian Ching’s)

We have subsidised RM600 for the spay-neutering of these dogs.

From: Alice Voon
Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 1:42 PM
Subject: Neutering & Spaying subsidy application for Cotton Becky’s puppies
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr. Chan,

Firstly, greetings from Cotton Becky, her 4 remaining pups and myself. It has been quite awhile since the last time I was in contact with you on Cotton’s spaying subsidy. How are you and your health? I hope that you are well.

Cotton is doing very well. Now, her remaining four rescued puppies are still under my care: Perdu (m), Blur (m), Chubby (f) & Foxy (f) are a little 6 months old and I have finally have them neutered/spayed. They are coping very well after the surgical procedure. As highlighted before, with your guidance, here are pictures of each puppy on pre-op and post-op to apply for their eligibility for the neutering/spaying subsidy. Perdu & Blur, the 2 male puppies were sent in to the VPAC vet on the 19 March 2015 and brought them back home on the same day. Then followed by Chubby & Foxy, the 2 female puppies were sent in this week on the 23 March 2015 and I had them boarded there for two nights to ensure that they heal properly as well as to avoid unnecessary movement or stress that may affect their stitches on the op area. They are home now for me to continue care for them. The reason that I separated the males and females to have them neutered/spayed on different days was, so that it is easy for me to monitor them on their healing process. The puppies are full of energy!

The two application neutering subsidy forms attached with the official receipts POS1/04565 (Perdu & Blur) and  POS1/04646 (Chubby & Foxy) should reached you within 1 week or so. Should you need anything else, please let me know. On behalf of Cotton and her pups and myself, I thank you again and again for your generous and kind assistance. Please do take care of yourself.

Kind regards,
Madam Alice VOON Kian Ching

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