Peanut, another successful sporo-cat story

Every week without fail, I receive a few emails from cat owners asking for help for their sporo-cats. Many often say their vets advise their cat(s) to be euthanised as recovery from sporotrichosis is slim. And many of these cat owners do not understand the disease, much less know that many other sporo-cats have actually recovered from this dreadful disease and are now leading a happy life.

So, I reply and share this link: This link contains my personal experience in nursing Tiger who contracted sporotrichosis last year. Below my story are also links to many other sporo cases which we have helped in some ways and you have shared with us.

We urge you to please share your sporo-cat stories with us (preferably with photos) so that we may add to the list.

Almost always, the cat caregivers are so relieved and encouraged after reading this link and they will opt for treatment for their sporo-cats, and almost always (in fact, always!), their cats do recover.

We would also be extremely grateful if you could share your other medical cases with us (with photos, please). Although we can no longer offer medical treatment subsidies, we hope to continue being a platform for education.

And should the day come when we are no longer able to offer financial help, we hope to continue offering educational help.

So please write up your stories and send them to us.

P.S. Mr SP Koo, we know you have many, many stories to share (and you will write everything in encyclopedic detail!) Please do share, for the benefit of many animal caregivers and their animals. Thank you!

Here’s Peanut’s story (we thank Shao Rou for sharing):

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 12:26 PM, Shao Rou wrote:

Dear Dr Chan,
Good day. Thank you very much for your supports and advices. My little Peanut has completely healed! Thank God and now she is still under medication.
The first four months there wasn’t any sign of healing and it became worst as the wound has enlarged. The fifth month, it started to shrink and recover.
With the love, care and prayers, it works!Thank you very much and God bless you.
Warmest regards,

Sharon Wong
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