Thank you very much (March 2015 donors)

We thank you very much again for your continuous support of our work.

With the implementation of the GST, all humans will be affected in a very significant way, and this definitely passes down to the animals under our care. It is a time for us to be prudent in our spending and to prioritise. The animals’ needs cannot be sidelined as it concerns their health and their very existence.

We will do our very best to assist in whatever ways we can to help everyone tide this over.

Our donors (includes those who donated through our Gifts by Donation):

Anonymous donors
Adeline Lim
Ah Yap
Alicia Chow
Alina Rastam
Amelia Shahrin
Angeline Ng
Anonymous calisthenics class students
Apsara Murale
Chee Pooi Ling
Chim Siew Choon
Cho Fung Kin
Choo Shwu Fen
Chucky & Blackie
Connie James
Dr Alida Mahyuddin
Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Edward Lim
Elaine Chan
Event: Animal Awareness Day, Universiti Malaya
Event: Berjaya Founder’s Day
First base Laborator
Helen Too & Mudita friends
Hew Voon Yoke
Ho Yuen Foon
In memory of Gen aka Wong Wong
Irene Leong
Jasmine Ong
Jeanie Tan Lai Fun
Jeff Choong
Jennifer Chai
Jennifer Chua
Jennifer Sigismon
Joy Saga
Julia Chong
Justin Ong Yi Yu & the MII Toastmasters Club
Khoo Jia-Wen
Khoo Ming-Yi
Khoo Teng Bee
Kok Khee Wee
Koo Swee Por
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lai Mei Kueen
Liew Wooi Yee
Lim Mei Leng
Maggie Hui
Marina Mustapha
Mary Yap
May Hoh
Mong Kwai Chee
Ng Chen Chen
PC Leong
Phong Chun Eng
Premala Narendra
Sandy Kong
Siow Din Din
Siow Fei aka Mimi
Soh Ah Tee
Soon Wei Ling
Team Bunny and Team Bird
Teh Seok Wah
Wan Tai Seng
Wong Chin Chin
Wong Sook Kuan
Wong Wai Ling
Wong Wong Zai
Wong Yoke Mei
YAM Raja Halimahton Shahrin
Yong Pui Fun

Thank you Jan 2015


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