When it rains…

It’s raining, it’s pouring;
The cats are not snoring..


This is a common sight when it rains heavily. Tabs and Cow will share the “door shelter”.


If you want to test how good you are at reading body language, I’ll let you guess whether this is a friendly or hostile situation.

Quiz: What is Indy saying?

A. Get off the bench, it’s mine!

B. May I share this bench with you, Cleo? I’m scared too.

Bonus quiz: What is Cleo saying?


And what is Cow saying to Pole?

2 comments to When it rains…

  • Irena Loong

    Hi Dr Chan
    I came across yr blog dated 2011 July 18-Visit Meijii,I find many interesting photos of yr visit esp the dogs. I am a dog lover. However, there’s one Amy Than Ooi Mei who went with you who happened to be my long lost friend and I wonder whether you could get her to contact me.
    I hope to get to know you and yr organization better through Amy.
    Best Regards, Irena.

  • chankahyein

    Hi Irena, Please check your email.