The 3 spray bottles

These are the sprays I (have to) use for the home because of the cats…


Two of them contain the Bacoff Deodoriser and the UK-Disinfectant. And the one on the extreme left…?


 *Laugh out loud*!


Вы просто не любишь меня?
(trans: Don’t you just love me?)

You know how it is when expensive perfumes are sometimes named after famous people?!!

Eau de Zurique?

2 comments to The 3 spray bottles

  • Yen Ling

    I thought Zurik is better now. Looking at the Eau de Zurique, maybe not?

  • chankahyein

    I would say 1% better? Yesterday, he sneaked in after midnight, chased Rosie and then slept on the sofa all night. Rosie fled for her life. So there!