Jon Tham’s Interstate 68 takes a delightful twist! (13)

Updates at 8.03pm: Jon Tham will NOT be wearing a dress for tomorrow’s “dress rehearsal” to his actual interstate run on 10th May!  Even though the coveted RM12k was not achieved, we wish to thank all donors for raising the tally to RM9197.20!!

The original post: 

I chanced upon this on Jon’s facebook!

Jon Tham's

Let’s make Jon do it, shall we?

Current tally at 8.13am this morning: RM8339.20.

A “dress rehearsal” to the actual event!!

Countdown to the dress rehearsal:

Updated tally: RM9197.20  (do we want to see Jon in a dress and make history?)

An anonymous donor  RM200
Shafinaz Shamsuddin  RM100
Chee Pooi Ling   RM308
In Memory of Mdm Lee Hooi Pin  RM100
Ian & Ryan Hoh  RM150

Mikaela Tham  RM190.20
Yew Khuen  RM500
Sean Kong  RM100
Mum Mum Cat  RM100
Shen Choo  RM100
Reita K  RM100
Wong Sau Hon  RM200
Xiao Xiao Mi  RM109
Xiao Huang  RM50
Kiki  RM220
Lala  RM210
Beverly Chong RM50
Lim Ching Bee RM60
Ah Yap RM1000
Kok Khee Wee RM3000
Wan Tai Seng RM300
Siow Din Din RM50
Tokyo RM500
Angel RM50
Wong Wong Zai RM100
Julia Chong, Premala Narendra, Irene Leong RM200
Wong Wai Ling RM200
Angeline Ng RM50
Soh Ah Tee RM500
Khoo Jia-Wen RM100
Team Bunny and Team Bird RM300






One response to “Jon Tham’s Interstate 68 takes a delightful twist! (13)”

  1. pcleong

    12 hours to come up with $3661 ….indeed a challenge to see Jon in that sweetie T/skirt!!!