Thank you very much (April 2015 donors)

Thank you so much to all donors and supporters who have made it possible for us to help the animals!

Anonymous donors
Amelia Shahrin
Amy Lee Bee Lian
Apsara Murale
Beverly Chong
Chan Kam Loon
Che Khalifa Che Rose
Chee Pooi Ling
Chris Leong
Connie James
Connie James
CP Ong
Daniel Chung
Erica Lee
Gan Lay Yong
Gen aka Wong Wong
Ho Yuen Foon
Hwang Min-mei
Ian & Ryan Hoh
In Memory of Mdm Lee Hooi Pin
Irene Leong
Jasmine Ong Ghi Ch’un
Jeannie Teo
Jennifer Chua
Jessy Lian
Joy Saga
Julia Chong
Khoo Jia-Wen
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kiki & Lala
Kok Khee Wee
Koo Hoong Lin
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lee Li Lian
Leong Kok Wah
Lim Ching Bee
Lina Toon bt Muhammad
Melisa Chin
Merlinda Lim Yen May
Michelle Yap
Mong Kwai Chee
Mum Mum Cat
Ng Mei Yee
Norely Abd Rahman and Grade 2, ISKL
Peggy Quah
Peggy Tiong
Premala Narendra
Selina Foong
Shafinaz Shamsuddin
Shen Choo & Reita K
Soon Wei Ling
Sophia Marie
Tan Lai Fun
Team Bunny and Team Bird
Ti-Ratana Penchala
Verona Hoh
Vivian Koh
Wan Tai Seng
Wine Dogs
Wong Sau Hon
Xiao Huang
Xiao Mi Mi
Yew Khuan & Sean Kong

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This is our new banner!

2 comments to Thank you very much (April 2015 donors)

  • Chen

    Nice banner. Although the cat looks kind of shocked – “What!! You want to do that to me?!!” kind of shock. LOL

    • chankahyein

      The cat is Butty, Bernice and Donovan’s rescued cat, from Malaysia, and now residing in Australia. Butty is super duper alpha! The dog is Yoshee, I rescued her from the Al-Rajhi Bank two years ago, she’s adopted now.

      But you have a point there. I’m now asking if we could have another high res photo of Butty, without dilated pupils! Thanks!!