Thank you very much, Sambodhi Buddhist Association, Setia Alam

Happy Wesak, everyone!

Today we are truly honoured to have been giving the opportunity to participate in Sambodhi Buddhist Association’s Wesak Day celebrations.  We would like to express our thanks to the committee of the centre for inviting us and allowing us to promote our work at their stall.


What an honour to be given the first stall too!

I am personally very touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness shown by the committee members of Sambodhi.

mini-P5031120 mini-P5031121

Setia Alam devotees paying homage to the Triple Gem.


Free books and CDs and food stalls.

The pandan tau-fu-fah was…out of this world!


Our hardworking volunteers for the day: Amy Tham and Yuki.


Would you believe it, we sold THREE blankets!

This little girl wanted the pink blanket and so did her sister. And now, we have an order to sew another pink blanket for another sister at home!


As always, our VCO soap totally sold out.


 Stock-keepers for the day: Connie and me.

Thank you very much, Sambodhi and devotees, for supporting our work and extending kindness to the street animals!

May all beings be well and happy always!

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