A Sunday morning with Mr Zurik

Sunday mornings are unusually peaceful at the park.

Mr Zurik wants to share his story with all of you today and he’s got it all translated into English too! Well, almost all of it, that is.


It’s Sunday today. Now, how do I know this, you might ask? Well, because it’s very quiet at the park. 


And that’s good, because I would have the whole park to myself!


With my friend, Heidi, of course.


We love the park. 

It’s our home. Well of course, we do have another home here, in one of those concrete buildings they call “houses”, but we prefer the park. We are creatures of Nature and this is where we belong. 

As peaceful as it seems, we still have to be careful. I’ll tell you why in a moment. But first, most of the humans here are extremely nice. They don’t mind us being here. We can laze around and as these humans walk around the park (I can never understand why they would go round and round when they could just laze around like Heidi and me), they let us be. Some are even so nice that they would pat us as they walk past, and once in a while, they might even give us a treat or two. 

However, not every human is this nice. The other day when I was reading about these animal puns at Tuxedo-cat.co.uk, it reminded me of a quondam house cat. If you are a cat (I think even dogs have to be aware of this), be careful of жестокие люди. Now, I’m Russian, so I don’t exactly know how to translate that, how do you say? Er, something like that Voldemort character in one of your movies? Yes, something like that…

Sometimes you can smell these жестокие люди out. Then, you run and hide. The danger is, what if you cannot smell them out? Our cat senses may be 40,000 times sharper than yours, but we do have our limitations too. And the worst thing is, sometimes these жестокие люди masquerade as “animal lovers”. 

I think humans have to be very clear when they call themselves “animal lovers”. Are they really animal lovers, or just cat lovers or just dog lovers. Or…do they just love their own pets and not other animals? 

To all street animals out there, beware of the kind of humans who only love their own pets and not other animals. They call themselves “animal lovers”, but they may not be so… They can even be жестокие люди. Be careful… You know why they are particularly dangerous? Because we see them with their pets and we mistakenly think they would be kind to all animals…that may not be true, sometimes. 


Now, Heidi loves to laze at the basketball court.


Come on, Heidi, the whole park is ours! Let’s run free!!

There are no жестокие люди here today! 

mini-P5241201 mini-P5241202

I’ve checked out the whole park, Heidi. We are safe today. You can climb all the trees you like.


I love lazing on this pathway. But if those жестокие люди are around, I need to steer clear of these pathways. If I don’t, they would chase me away. I don’t understand why they do that…am I such a threat to them? This is my home, you know. I live here. They are just visiting. Why are they chasing me off from my home? 

And there are these humans who get us neutered so that we don’t keep breeding. Well, that’s good – thank you very much. The procedure doesn’t harm us; it’s good for us, actually. So we are neutered and we don’t breed anymore, please let us live in peace. This is the only home we have. 


I’m going to meet my human after she’s done walking around the park. 


Here I come…


Heidi is not ready to go yet. 


But I am. 


More people coming to the park. But Heidi is safe, the жестокие люди don’t come on Sundays.


This is my other home and my human keeps saying I will be safer here. 

But I’m not a pet, I am a street cat and the park is my home.
Where we street animals are born is where we belong.

When the world has no more жестокие люди,
we cats, other animals and kind humans can finally live in peace. 

Mr Zurik says he is inspired by this: http://jaagruti.org/information-to-empower-you/indian-street-dogs-and-their-rights/

Have a happy Sunday!

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