An unprecedented breakthrough and great news for street animals in PJ!!

This is extremely happy news!!


Copied from PAWS’ Facebook post:



AnimalCare celebrates and rejoices with PJ street animals and their caregivers! We hope and pray that this long-awaited privilege will be extended to other areas as this is what we have been working very, very hard for – that every neutered street animal will get to live on peacefully in his/her colony.


Finally, there is hope for our street animals…!!

Where street animals are born is where they belong.

On behalf of all street animals, we express our deepest appreciation to the state of Selangor and all parties who have worked very hard to make this possible!

Jutaan Terima Kasih!!


For the brotherhood and sisterhood of all street animals!

These beautiful photos were taken by Donovan Chin on one of his visits to Bunny’s Place. It features Yoshee, Baby Mayo, Bunny and Indy! They are all former street animals.

A note to all street animal caregivers: Please know that even if your area does not have this privilege (yet!), you are always welcome to apply for our subsidies.

14 comments to An unprecedented breakthrough and great news for street animals in PJ!!

  • Norely Abd Rahman

    I know! What awesome news!

  • Nyon


  • Tey Lay Yong

    Good news. Happy for the street wandering cats and dogs. Hope all can find a good home and love. No more strays, lonely and uncared for animals.

    • chankahyein

      Neuter-and-Return to Colony means the animals get to live on in their place of origin after being neutered (it is quite impossible to find homes for the many street animals; some are also happy living in their place of origin). They will be ear-notched to indicate that they have been neutered, hence, will not breed anymore. They will not be caught in these designated areas. That is the news for now. Further details are being worked out.

  • jasmine ong

    This is really awesome news indeed!! All your efforts are so worth it Sis, this indeed is the best news today!!! 🙂

  • Yoke Mei

    I’m overjoyed! Practically crying tears of joy. A glimmer of hope is all that matters. Little baby steps, and eventually good things come.

  • Kelly tan

    Does that meant d end of dog catchers? Otherwise what’s d point of neutering or spaying and get pts! Then that wld really b good news.

    • chankahyein

      For the designated areas, yes – neutered (ear-notched) animals will not be captured anymore. Please wait for further news as there are logistics which need to be worked out.

  • Norhayati Hanafi

    Is a good news, hate seeing MBPJ catching those poor cats and dogs.

  • satku

    Such good news! Hope it happens everywhere in the country.

  • Suyin Tan

    Kudos to MBPJ and Selangor Government for doing the right thing for the poor animals

  • Jocelyn Ng

    I am so overjoyed to know this wonderful, wonderful news! It is every rescuer’s dream come true. Dogs and cats have suffered enough. Turkey and Taiwan do it for dogs and so can we.

  • We have just started putting green fluorescent collars on all our neutered dogs as an indication to the dog catchers that these dogs are neutered and managed and fed by volunteers and so she be left alone. We have yet to find out if this scheme will work but it is one step forward to stop the killing. May be you can adopt the same method for your strays. If you need any more info get in touch

    • chankahyein

      Thank you, Victor. So far, we have been advocating the ear-notch for dogs and cats. Thank you for your suggestion.