Dog for adoption in PJ – adopted! (Pravina Jaya Devan’s)

Already adopted!

The original post:

If interested, please contact Pravina directly.

Location: Petaling Jaya

From: Pravina Jaya Devan <removed>
Date: Mon, May 25, 2015 at 10:37 PM
Subject: Doggie for adoption

Hi there,

My family and I rescued a young male dog yesterday in Old Town, PJ. He is brown in colour and medium in size.

I have bathed him and sent him for grooming. He doesn’t have any ticks but i applied Front Line on him as a precaution.

He is very well-behaved and listens to commands. He is very very obedient, friendly and playful. He loves people and other dogs too. He would make an excellent companion due to his loving nature.

I am not able to keep him as i already have a dog with a medical condition. Appreciate if you can publish / share on your page so that this sweet boy can find his forever home.

I am attaching herewith pictures of the little fellow.

My details are as follows:-
Pravina Jaya Devan
(hp removed)

Please contact me for further info.

Thank you.

mini-20150524_131838 mini-20150524_184701


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