Thank you very much, YB Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan!

It went viral last night, that the Tanjung Malim council would be organising a “Kempen 1 Anjing 10 Ringgit” from 3rd to 12th June 2015 (which means it would have started today).

Many animal lovers were aghast and extremely concerned. So were we.

Since Tanjung Malim is an MCA stronghold, we contacted the Secretary-General of MCA, Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan, at 11.02pm last night, to ask for his help.

Early this morning, we received this (below) from Dato’ Seri with more encouraging news:


And a text from Dato’ Seri’s office:

Thank you for your timely information which allowed Dato to intervene with this problem, at least temporarily. Dato has also asked me to inform you that this incident has inspired him to form a SPCA in Tanjong Malim in order to solve this problem once and for all. Without this, the stray dog issue will never be properly resolved. With the formation of SPCA in Tanjong Malim, not only will stray dogs be taken care of, but it will also serve to educate the people not to abandon their dogs, which eventually becomes a social problem. Thank you.

We express our deepest appreciation and grateful thanks to YB Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan for his very prompt and positive response to our appeal for help. We hope the SPCA will be established and this will create a better future for the animals (and their caregivers and owners) in the Tanjung Malim area.

Animal lovers have always been a minority (anywhere in the world) and it is always an uphill task getting our voices heard. We are very, very thankful today that we have a compassionate elected representative who hears us.

Keprihatinan Dato’ Seri, kami ucapkan jutaan terima kasih!


P.S. Credit must be given where credit is due. Please share the good news! We hope this will encourage animal lovers to speak up proactively when the need arises.

6 comments to Thank you very much, YB Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan!

  • Ade

    Sis KY… LOL, it’s rm10 not rm1 per dog.

    but im glad it’s been intervened. cant imagine to what length greedy heartless people will do to catch the dogs. even at the cost of semi-poisoning or injuring it, but still being alive enough. just to have the council destroying the dogs after that.

  • Hilda Looi

    Well done to all who voiced out to the council. Thank you, Dato Seri! God bless and may the SPCA be established soon.

  • Debbie Yap

    I hope this will be a no-kill SPCA.

  • CW Lee

    Dear Dr Chan, just browse thru FB seems like Tanjung Malim council is a great liar. Witnessed by their locals, many dogs were captured n killed on the spot today. Very sickening!

    • chankahyein

      Dear Ms Lee, Based on what you had written, we enlisted the help of a friend to check with Tg Malim folks and was told that they do not know of such happenings. If you have further evidence, could you kindly send it over, please?