Visiting Thong-mang

We dropped in to visit Thong-mang today!

Here are some photos:


When we arrived, she was sleeping soundly here…

Oh my…she is small! But not exceptionally small.

As it turned out now, Thong-mang is actually not a teacup puppy. She is a puppy of local breed, possibly even has some Beagle in her (from her white socks, erect tail and her Beagle-stance – yes, quite dignified and very confident of herself). The reason she is so small could be that her mother was malnourished. Of course we all just guessing here as no one knows her history.

Thong-mang and her brother were abandoned at a temple in PJ. Dr Veeranoot took them both in but the brother did not make it. One of our readers very kindly took her in.


Thong-mang opened her eyes to look at us, so I scooped her up and she continued sleeping soundly on my lap. Here’s a comparison of her size with a ballpoint pen.

Not a teacup, that’s for sure! She is estimated to be about 5 weeks old now, though I think she could be older. She has well-formed teeth and canines too.

According to her caregiver now who is a very experienced dog-person, Thong-mang just grew those canines in this one week! And she has put on some weight too (ribs no longer visible). She eats very well.


Yups, it’s nap time, after lunch.


And now, it’s playtime!

She is very confident and is “master” of all that she surveys!

And she gives you those sweet puppy eyes that would definitely melt anyone’s heart!

Puppies do that, don’t they?

Have a great life, Thong-mang (an abundance of gold, in Thai)!

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