Gifts by Donation: The BIGGEST blanket EVER!

One of our readers ordered a 8 ft by 12 ft blanket for her cats!

It started on it some weeks back, working on it mostly on weekends as college work has been heavy this semester.

mini-P6061258 mini-P6061260 mini-P6061261

We helped! We helped!!

mini-P6140011 mini-P6140015

It is almost done…

mini-P6140017 mini-P6140019 mini-P6140022 mini-P6140025

Oops…not broad enough yet, it needs another two rounds of sashing, Tiger.


Finally!!  I completed it last night.

This giraffe cloth is contributed by Ms Ooi and the sashing cloth is our own.


The backing cloth is contributed by Agnes Cheong and the backing will be done by my mum.
It would take about 2 weeks to do the backing.

Thank you, everyone.

And thank you very much to our reader for her very kind and generous donation to our Fund!

2 comments to Gifts by Donation: The BIGGEST blanket EVER!

  • Wow, me siblings can’t wait to take our naps on the gorgeous blanket. Thank you everyone for helping to create this lovely blanket. Must be really comfy too. Thank you Ginger, Tabs, Tiger, Vincent, Zurik, Rosie, Dafodil and everyone who helps. Special thank you to your Mom and Auntie Chan for all the hard work.

    Thank you. Thank you.
    Warmest regards.

  • Chen

    Kudos to your mom for doing the backing on this one. It is going to be real tricky fitting the cloth onto this giant.