Thong-mang meets Mr Rabbit

I went to visit Thong-mang today!

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Teething! Nipping for attention?

Then, in came Mr Rabbit…


Thong-mang was SO excited!


But Mr Rabbit was scared.


Thong-mang wasn’t about to give up. So she went under the shelves to look for Mr Rabbit.


Meanwhile, a kitty came in.


Thong-mang to Mr Rabbit: Can we be friends? Would you like to play with me?


Thong-mang: Mr Rabbit doesn’t want to play…

In fact, Mr Rabbit was a little scared, so he went back outside.


And Thong-Mang went to play with Mrs Kampung.

Mrs Kampung is a regular visitor from next-door. She must be the next-door’s pet as she is very friendly and allows humans to carry her.

Meanwhile, the Calico kitten had gone into hiding. Thong-mang did not seem to notice the kitten at all, but the kitten was scared, so she too went back outside, leaving Thong-mang with her friend, Mrs Kampung.

Thong-mang has not been socialised to dogs yet. The closest she has got to a dog was to a poodle, but the poodle wasn’t quite interested to be friends.

Guess it’s just Mrs Kampung for now…

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  • Yen Ling

    Love the names! Mrs. Ayam Kampung šŸ™‚ Glad to see Thong-Mang up and about all healthy and strong.