After the big fight

This morning’s fight:

After administering all the first-aid this morning, I had to go to work. The first-aid included Vetri DMG, Transfer Factor, the pet spray and I also washed/partially soaked Bunny’s wound in warm salt water.

I came home from work and was happy to find that the wound had closed up and was drying up!


Bunny was still on the same pillow that he was when I left this morning.

He wouldn’t let me take a photo of his injury.

mini-P7010062 mini-P7010063

Meanwhile, Cow’s fur was still fluffed up (most likely from the spraying though I had already dried him as much as I could). He too had some wounds but only superficial ones.

Bunny’s wound had initially looked like a puncture wound (in the morning), but am glad it is healing.

mini-P7010065 mini-P7010066

For an FIV+ cat, this sort of healing is “amazing”. This morning, it was very red and it looked much deeper. Am still keeping my fingers crossed that the wound will heal on its own with the help of all my first-aid treatment.

Going to the vet, having to take antibiotics or having to do lancing would be….quite a nightmare!

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