The big fight at dawn

Luckily I was up really early this morning.

Just now, a big fight broke out between Cow and Bunny at the Stargate.

I was in the room doing my work when I heard the sound of war cries. Quickly, I rushed out and saw Cow and Bunny locked in battle. I grabbed the water hose and sprayed at them from a distance, but it took a few significant seconds before I could break them up.

Looks like they no longer fear the water hose nowadays.

After the fight broke up, with fur all over the grass, Bunny came back towards the room while Cow went to hide under the serai trays.

mini-P7010062 mini-P7010061

I managed to towel-dry Bunny, but not for too long as he started growling.

Bunny had a paw injury so I cleaned it up and applied the pet spray on it.


Everyone was alarmed.


Later, I managed to towel-dry Cow as well, but he wasn’t too happy. I don’t think he has any injury, just blood stains on his fur. I noticed one particular spot which may look like a scratch but when I sprayed the pet spray on it, Cow swiped at me. So I backed off.

One knows better than to approach an angry Cow, unless one is prepared to make a trip to the doctor’s for a tetanus jab.


And through it all, Indy was…like this (photo above).


Of course, Tabs was scared.


After about 15 minutes, when both cats were calmer, I mixed Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor with wetfood for Bunny, while Cow was only given Vetri DMG with wetfood.

That’s my fight-first-aid kit above.

Bunny’s paw injury looked rather deep. I hope it’s a scratch wound and not a bite wound or the latter might require lancing (again!).


Daffodil was concerned too.

Daffodil is now our official house “dog”. She accompanies us, waits outside the bathroom for us and even talks to us. Her “horizontal” canine has also finally dropped off and that’s after more than a month! But all is well.

I really hope Bunny’s injury is only a scratch wound.

Has this got anything to do with Jupiter and Venus moving closer together, I wonder.

4 comments to The big fight at dawn

  • Chen

    Boys! Boys! Cool it!

    But what a pretty house dog you have. Does she follow everyone, not just you?

    • chankahyein

      So far, she follows my husband and me. And she talks to us too! It’s been a long, long way to get here!!

  • Chen

    Daffodil is a smart house dog. She knows who are the big bosses at home. Video of her , pleeeaase? Does she let you all give her hugs and kisses too?

    • chankahyein

      Ha ha….no hugs and kisses. We can get as far as carrying her for just a few seconds. She doesn’t like that, actually. But she likes us to talk to her and she responds by saying “au, au, au…”.