Happy “little” Thong-mang!

For those who are new to this blog, Thong-mang is a rescued (very) undersized puppy, found abandoned at a temple together with her brother. Their rescuer, Dr Veeranoot, thought they were both teacup puppies (imagine how small they were). Thong-mang’s brother passed on and Thong-mang was adopted by one of our readers. The kind reader thought Thong-mang was indeed a teacup and he wanted to give her a good life (knowing it would probably be a difficult one, as are the lives of many teacup animals).

But little Thong-mang turned out to be just a very undersized puppy, suspected to be from a very malnourished mother. She is not a teacup.

After a few weeks at her new home, Thong-mang came down with parvovirus. She was tested positive twice, at two different clinics. The surprising thing is despite her bad start in life (being born of a malnourished mother and being so tiny), Thong-mang was only down for one day. Yes, just one day, from the parvovirus. The next day, she was already up and about and eating. And joyful.

Here’s Thong-mang yesterday, when I visited her. She still has one more week to go from her post-parvo quarantine.

The reason the photos are all blurry is that Thong-mang couldn’t stay still AT ALL. She was so happy, playing and socialising with everyone present.

Dr Veeranoot, these photos are for you!

thong mang

And it certainly looks like Thong-mang will grow up to be of the size of a local Malaysian dog. Not undersized as was expected initially.

And she is SO happy!

Many thanks to the kind reader who took her in to give her a good and happy life.

So, one may have a bad start in life, but with good nutrition, lots of love and possibly a little bit of luck, life can definitely turn around for the better.

For Thong-mang, I cannot help feeling that her wellbeing could also be due her very happy and carefree personality!

“I think, therefore I am”? 

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  • Nui

    Thank you very much Sis Chan. I am very happy to see her grows up and beautiful as she should be. 3cheers to the kind adopter.