Creampuff, rescued dog for urgent adoption in Penang (Ong Yu Shin’s) – Adopted!

Update on 26th Sept 2015 – Creampuff has been adopted and is now called Cinnamon! She is living indoors with a loving family.

The original post:

If you are able to adopt Creampuff or help in any way, kindly contact Mr Ong Yu Shin.

Location: Penang island

Contact: <removed>

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More info:

She was abandoned 3 days ago, and wandered to a nearby malay nasi stall. The stall operators were so kind and tried their level best to get help for her. Being muslims, they unfortunately couldn’t take her in. They did however help me to get a big carton box (which she has been calling home till today) and assisted in all ways possible, even diverting traffic whilst i search for her under the parked cars.

We then took her to the clinic to get her checked. She looks pretty healthy and the only problem is a slight skin problem which, according to the Vet, will cure within 2 weeks. She got a jab and is due for another next week.

As we already have 5 cats and 2 very possessive dogs collectively, we couldn’t take her home. As luck had it, a very good friend of mine was kind enough to be her fosterer up until today.

He cant keep her as he too has 8 other dogs with him.

Last and only, most unfortunate, option for Creampuff would be to go to a no-kill shelter. Whilst her life may still be saved, but it will be a last resort we may have to take very soon.

Character wise, she is very calm and doesn’t cry….like at all. She is however very hungry for love and seems shocked by being suddenly thrown away. She would be perfect for a family with kids too.

I am willing to pay for all medical fees necessary also, so the would be adopter need not worry about that. All i ask is for you to love and care for her.

Thanks again people.


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