Monge Fruits, canned food for cats (new arrival!)

Monge Fruits, canned food for cats, has arrived on Malaysian shores!!

From Monge:

And our cats got to sample 11 of the 12 flavours!!

mini-1 mini-2

It comes in Chicken or Tuna, each with Pineapple, Apple, Kiwi, Aloe, Papaya and (mixed) Fruits. So, that’s the 12 flavours in all. Each can is 80 grams.


This is Chicken & Pineapple. It has gravy, so cats who like gravy will love this!

Unlike Monge Natural and Monge Delicate which is pure meat, Monge Fruits has mostly meat, a little bit of fruit and delicious gravy. A variety for our kitties!


The can is similar to that of LeChat’s, so it’s very easy to pour the contents out. Very minimal wastage (almost none at all).


This is Tuna & Kiwi.

Our cats eat better food than us, don’t they?


The verdict today is: We LOVE this new food!

I expected some resistance from Pole, Cleo and Indy but there were none. No hint of hesitation or suspicion from all three fuss-pots. They just dug into it and licked their bowls clean. Totally! They ate up all the bits of fruit, leaving absolutely nothing behind.


Of course Bunny was the first to finish.


This is Tuna & Papaya, and Vincent just couldn’t wait…!


Slurp, slurp!!


The PatioCats love it too. And they too ate up all the fruit!

Ginger hasn’t come back yet.

mini-P9080185 mini-P9080186

Both variety contains 55% meat (either chicken or tuna).

Ahh….Ginger is back!


Rosie’s million-dollar expression! It speaks volumes.


So, what’s the verdict, Bunny?

The fact that he is posing with a plant says it all!

Monge Fruits: Yes, we LIKE!

Monge Fruits for Cats will be available at pet stores real soon!

If you’d like to order from us, it’s a minimum of RM500 worth of Avant products for free delivery to the Klang Valley (subject to location and confirmation): .

Please write in to enquire.

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