Neutering aid for 1 cat in Johor Bahru (Norsyahidah Yep’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the spaying of Melati.  We thank Syahida very much for donating a portion of this aid back to our Fund for other animals. One good turn deserves another!

Melati is for adoption.  If interested, please contact Syahida directly. Update: Melati has been adopted!

Location: Johor Bahru

From: Syahida Yep
Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 7:28 AM
Subject: Neutering Aid for Spaying Melati
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,Recently I sent a mother-cat for spaying.For record purposes, I named her Melati.

According to a shop worker at my feeding area, this mother-cat was dumped by its owner just a few hours before i found her. The mother-cat was with her kittens (not sure how many). According to the witness, all the kittens ran into the nearby bushes as soon as they were left in a box behind a restaurant. Sadly, all her kittens were nowhere to be found.

I thought it would be better to spay her before she goes on heat. She was checked and confirmed that she is not pregnant.Hence, the spaying procedure.

I would like to offer her for adoption (JB area, please whatsapp/sms <removed>). She is all white, very friendly and so far, she is also healthy. I put her on boarding at the vet until her wound is completely healed. If she is not adopted, I would have to put her back where she was found.

I wish to apply for the neutering aid. Please find Melati’s photos as per attachment. The form and receipt is already posted.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Syahida Yep.

melatiB4 melatiSPaY


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