Using Disney to teach animal rights

I grew up loving Disney cartoons. And as I recall, even as a child, there were many clips in Disney cartoons that left indelible marks in my mind, particularly about animal rights.

While Disney cartoons are always centred around the idealistic theme of kindness, goodness and good overcoming evil and may thus seem a little too good to be true for the skeptic and realist, take a look at the many smaller yet significant messages that can be found in them.

I chanced upon this article tonight:, and if you are also a Disney fan, you might like it too. Who knows, it might bring back lovely memories from your childhood.

For those who deal with young children, cartoons can be a great educational tool to inculcate good values in children. Children are highly impressionable and we don’t know what they perceive. Hence, a little bit of adult guidance can make a world of (good) difference.

I’ve taken the liberty of looking for pictures to accompany the texts in the article. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words!


BAMBI: Hunters are terrible and deforestation harms wildlife.

beauty beast

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Many frightening-looking creatures are misunderstood.


101 DALMATIANS: Wearing furs is plain cruel.


DUMBO: Circus animals are victims forced to perform acts they don’t want to. Do not support circuses. Wildlife belongs in the wild.

fox and hound

FOX & THE HOUND: Every life matters and hunting makes no sense.

nemo tank

FINDING NEMO: No animal wants to live in a tank.


FINDING NEMO: Fish are friends, not food!

snow white

SNOW WHITE: The kindhearted are kind to animals too.


CINDERELLA: Even little critters can be good friends!


TARZAN: Studying wildlife should be done at a distance and respectfully.


ARISTOCATS: Alley cats are as fun as purebreds!

AND….everybody wants to be a cat!!

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