How BIG is “little” Thong-mang now?

It was in June this year that Thong-mang was rescued. She was SO incredibly small that her rescuer thought she was a teacup puppy.

As it turned out, Thong-mang was a puppy from a malnourished mother and this accounts for why she was exceptionally small.

Thong-mang was adopted and shortly after that, she came down with parvo virus and this happenedĀ before she could be vaccinated. Despite being unvaccinated, Thong-mang survived and came through shinning.

Now, it’s only been four months, how much has she grown?

thong mang

Here’s Thong-mang now!

She is considered BIG for her age, and definitely HUGE for someone with her very humble and modest beginnings!

Thong-mang has just been spayed and she’s fine and as happy as a lark! She gets along well with other dogs and is very confident too.

She has certainly come a long way!

This is for you, Dr Veeranoot (Thong-mang’s rescuer)!

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