Holly’s (the Halloween-Kitty) alpha-aura

First thing this morning, I found Holly (the Halloween-Kitty) waiting for food at the patio. It looked like she has plans to stay and it also looked like the PatioCats were a little upset with her presence.


But of course, I offered her food and she ate it up heartily.


Initially, only Ginger and Daffodil were at the patio. Rosie and Heidi came back later and Vincent did not appear until much later. And when he did, he was clearly upset with Holly’s presence. I placed his bowl of food in front of him, but he kept looking at Holly. Vincent refused to eat and ran away instead.

When you’ve lived long enough with your pets, I guess you tend to read their minds, somehow. I had a feeling that Vincent felt that he had “failed the patio” again. After all, he is the soldier, the guard, the sentry. He had always felt that it was his fault that Mr Zurik had successfully invaded the patio and now, this little black kitty is doing it too??

“How did I let this happen? I failed everyone again….oh no….” Vincent laments.

That was too much for Vincent to take, so he just had to run off….in shame.

Poor Vincent.


Holly made herself quite at home.


She surveyed the carrier, the plants, the vegetable plot, and…


…made herself right at home, inside the house.

The PatioCats were very upset and soon, one by one, they all ran away (from home).

Yes, every single PatioCat was gone from the house. I don’t know where they went.

I figured Holly must be a very “alpha” cat, to have made everyone left home. The PatioCats might come back, but then again, they also may not, if they are really very upset.


The inside cats were alarmed as well. But Holly was feisty. She surveyed the house and even went up to the grille and tried to go into Bunny’s Place. Tabs hissed at her.


I’m taking over this blanket. 

You see what I mean?

Not wanting to risk all the PatioCats running away (remember how Indy left home when I was fostering the Blueys?), I decided to try my luck and ask a dear friend if she would like to adopt Holly.

The kind friend said “yes”!!

Thereafter began the task of catching Holly.

Our feisty girl was very street-smart and evasive. Of course cats can read our minds too, I’m sure, so she avoided the carrier like the plague. She was everywhere – inside the house, outside in the porch, but just a little bit “too far” for me to catch.


But she was hungry too, and we took a break for her to eat. I didn’t want to nab her while she was eating – that would seem a little too mean. So, we called a truce so that she could eat.

None of the PatioCats came back for lunch. This has never ever happened before. Not a single one came back. Looks like they were all emotionally upset with Holly’s presence. I’m quite certain that there’s an alpha-aura that Holly exudes and since it’s the feline code that an adult cat cannot attack or chase a kitten, all the PatioCats decided to give way for Holly (to have the whole house to herself!).


Catch me if you can….!

Finally, I managed to get Holly to enter into a cardboard box to take a nap. Yes, she trusted me enough to do that. And I let her nap for sometime.

When my husband came home, she was still napping inside the box and he stealthily and calmly approached and managed to pick her up and put her into the carrier!



I quickly called my friend and we made the long journey to her house.

Holly will have a loving home there.

By the time we got home, we were greeted by all the PatioCats! They were all home again. Yes, the intruder is gone.


Ginger checked the patio before everyone else came out.


Rosie and Daffodil didn’t want to take chances, though.


Yes, everything is going back to normal now. I’m glad Holly has a good home and the equilibrium is reinstated at the patio.


I had to pacify and reassure Vincent that it wasn’t his fault that Holly managed to come into the patio. Luckily, Vincent is quite easy to pacify.


You’re a good soldier, Vincent.


For cats, routine and normalcy is good. They don’t like surprises.

Have a wonderful life, Holly, and I’d like to thank my dear friend for making it possible!

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