The legendary Mr Quack, after 3 years!

Who could forget him, right?

And how time flies!  It was in December 2012 that I finally managed to catch him to be neutered after he terrorised the neighbourhood for a few weeks. And because he was terrorising everyone (including fighting with and biting Ginger), he had to be rehomed and he was. Just to recap what a terrorist he was, even when Ginger was being nursed in the cage (for the bite wound), Mr Quack would come all the way into the patio to hiss and growl at Ginger. And whenever he appeared, everyone fled. Everyone, except Daffodil, whom we think had a seniority advantage!

The catching of Mr Quack:

Well, here he is now!


After three long years, he still disallows his adopter (or anyone else) to touch him!

Yes, still with the classic Mr Quack look!


But he sleeps in her room and on her bed.

Well, all cat-owners know this: Cats rule!

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