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Pooi Ling shared this:

breathe to connect

Very often, owners who have lost their pets seek out animal communicators to help locate their pets. I have done that too, out of total desperation, in the past – once for Ginger when he went missing (the information I got was accurate, actually), for Pole when we first moved here and she escaped (the information was not exactly 100% accurate this time) and also for Timmy (two communicators concurred that he was well and happy with a community of cats, one said he would come back (but he didn’t, though a neighbour said she saw him on the ledge)).  I have also consulted the help of an energy healer for Sunshine and Indy when both were sick.

When desperate, we would do literally anything that we think might help. Or more accurately, something which isn’t harmful and which doesn’t hurt to be tried.

So, as Pooi Ling shared, this animal communicator (as above) has helped several owners locate their lost pets. She also conducts animal communication with pets and owners through Skype (it is most interesting how she does it – please do find out) and she holds classes too, so if you’d like to learn, please do find out.

Now, do I want to be able to communicate with my cats? Hmm…that’s a tricky question. I’d want to be able to find out what is wrong when things go wrong, of course. I’d want to be able to heal (now, who doesn’t want this skill, right?). But I don’t want to be constantly reading my pet’s minds, I think I’d go bonkers and emotionally unstable if I could do this! And, if I can read their minds, I won’t be able to make up captions for my cats’ photos anymore now, would I? I’d have to tell the truth so instead of a funny one-liner, maybe what my cat is saying is some boring stuff?

Who are you calling a boreSorry, Mr Cat.

So as I was saying, some element of mystery is good, right?  And more fun, too!

So if there is an “on” and “off” button to mind reading, I’d like that very much!

Life is more interesting when it is a bit mysterious and unexplainable!


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