Vincent’s dinner

Vincent has been coming back for breakfast and dinner daily.

This evening, I found him sitting at the corner of the gate in the porch. It’s his usual sitting place ever since his treatment began.

So I carried him back to the cage. By now, he knows the routine, ie. he has to go into the cage where he will be served dinner. Then, after eating, he is let out.


I guess it can be quite intimidating, to have so many cats staring at you while you eat.


Vincent doesn’t eat immediately. He whines a little, then he begins to eat.


Heidi is as greedy as Indy.


Vincent finished all his wetfood and almost all the kibbles.

I still give him Nutri-gel (laced with Transfer Factor and turmeric). He is not too happy having the gel rubbed all over his mouth, so he still pulls back.


He spends him time grooming, especially trying to get all the Nutri-gel paste off his mouth!


And Heidi gets all the leftovers!

Vincent is not completely well yet since he isn’t exactly back to normal.

Guess it will take time. The first vet did say that there is no cure for stomatitis, only maintenance. Our next course of action would be either to take Vincent back to the vet again for a check-up next week and see if local steroid injections (under sedation) is needed, or if Vincent improves a bit more, I will spare him the agony of being caged to be taken to the vet again and opt to purchase Oxyfresh Pet Gel and apply it on his gums (and also on the other cats as Indy and Ginger also have some gingivitis). With age, all the cats might need this too.

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