Vincent “jual mahal” and wants kibbles!

I have been wondering for a few days now, about Vincent’s “jual mahal” attitude. He would come back during breakfast and dinner, but he wouldn’t come to the patio. Instead, he would stay at the corner of the gate in the porch, wait for us to carry him back. Then in the cage, even after food was served, he would whine for some time before actually eating the food.

For yesterday and today, we had trouble catching him. For example, tonight, had hid under the car when I tried to catch him. So I had to bring the food out and slide it under the car, but he wouldn’t eat.


FINALLY, I think I understand why.

Vincent doesn’t want wetfood anymore. He wants kibbles!

Does this mean he is getting better? Less pain in the gums??

I hope so.

So tonight, silly me spent so much time crouching at the car to coax Vincent to eat his wetfood. I also had to fight Ginger, Rosie and Daffodil off.

Finally, I managed to pull him out from under the car and carry him back to the cage. Then it was the same modus operandi, he started whining at his wetfood.

He only ate half and started whining even more, so I let him out. He went away. Guess who ate up all the remaining wetfood?

Yes, Heidi did.


After about fifteen minutes, surprisingly, Vincent came back to the patio and started whining. Or rather, he wasn’t “whining”, he was talking.

And for some reason, I think I understood what he wanted.

Animals have this way of making you understand. Just how smart are they, right?

I knew what Vincent wanted – he wanted kibbles.

So I gave him some.


Yes, he wanted kibbles!


Guess how many helpings of kibbles Vincent had?



Someone’s organising an ambush from behind the bicycles…


Heidi has this extremely delightful ambush pattern – she crouches low with her hind legs on the wall to propel herself forward. It’s extremely adorable.


Had to keep Ginger at bay.


After four helpings of kibbles, Vincent goes off.


The ambush did not take off.


It’s okay, Heidi. You’ve had so much to eat tonight!!

I think I might not need to take Vincent back to the vet seeing how he can already eat kibbles.

But we’ll monitor and see how his condition is.

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