Kamakura Day 2b: The Hasedera Temple


This is the grand entrance into the Hasedera Great Kannon Temple.

Entrance is only 200Y per person (cheaper than the Neko Maru Cat Cafe!). Really, visiting these places is so reasonably priced.

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Wash your hands before going in!

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The path is peppered by the three-guardian figurines.

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Photography of the statues (for worship) inside the shrines is not permitted, but the great Kannon (Kuan Yin) is absolutely majestic. It is 30 feet tall, plastered with gold leaves and if not mistaken, is at least 1200 years old.

There is also an Amida Hall and a Ksitigarbha shrine. Photography is not allowed in both. One truly gets a feel of awe upon entering these shrines.

And the gardens are absolutely breath-taking.

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We had lunch here, at the Kaikoan restaurant.

mini-P4031093 mini-P4031094

Vegetarian curry rice.

mini-P4031095 mini-P4031099

Red sakura!!


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This is the cave temple.

mini-P4031122 mini-P4031123

The display of tablets by tourists.

mini-P4031124 mini-P4031125 mini-P4031126 mini-P4031127 mini-P4031128

Next: The Kotokuin Temple (the Dai Butsu Temple).



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