Kamakura Day 2c: The Kotokuin (Big Buddha) Temple

From the Hasedera (Great Kannon/Kuan Yin) Temple, we walked to the Kotokuin Temple where the famous Dai Butsu (Big Buddha) statue is.


This majestic bronze statue of Amida Buddha stands at about 43 feet tall.

mini-P4031134 mini-P4031135

Don’t forget to wash your hands before you enter!

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The statue survived a tidal wave (tsunami) and an earthquake.

It is about 800 years old.


We went inside the statue (it’s hollow).

mini-P4031144 mini-P4031145 mini-P4031146 mini-P4031147

Since visitors could go inside, there are two windows on its back for ventilation.

mini-P4031150 mini-P4031152 mini-P4031153 mini-P4031154 mini-P4031155 mini-P4031156

Three Thai royalties have planted trees at the grounds of this temple.

Souvenirs at this temple are very reasonably priced. Entrance to the temple is only 100Y per person.

When I was small, I remember I wanted a Kamakura Buddha figurine so my father bought me a black one from the Ayer Itam temple in Penang. This time, I was able to purchase a bronze coloured one from the actual Kamakura temple here in Japan for my father. A full circle! That meant a lot to me.


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