Tokyo Day 1f: Ueno Park

Ueno Park is one of the best tourist spots for the viewing of Sakura and we were lucky we stayed right there!


mini-P4020833 mini-P4020835

Look, there’s a black-and-white cat!!

mini-P4020836 mini-P4020840

Picnic under the sakura trees. They camp all day, overnight, and throughout the weekend!

mini-P4020849 mini-P4020855 mini-P4020857

There are museums and shrines within the park itself.

mini-P4020861 mini-P4020882 mini-P4020884 mini-P4020885

Before entering any shrine, temple or place of worship, there is a hand-washing place. The ritual of washing one’s hands is thus: Take the ladle with your left hand, scoop water, wash right hand, then hold ladle with right hand, scoop water to wash left hand, then let the remaining water run from the scoop all the way down the entire ladle until one’s hand so that the whole ladle is now clean for the next person.

How thoughtful and meticulous!

mini-P4020889 mini-P4020890 mini-P4020892

Street musicians playing Disney music.


The view from our hotel room.

Picnic is allowed under the trees except on streets in front of the shrines.


Most of the trees here are of the pale pink (almost white) variety, but you also see a few pink ones.

mini-P4020896 mini-P4021026 mini-P4021027


mini-P4021028 mini-P4021029

The Japanese people are very, very cleanliness conscious. We saw the rubbish bins piled to the brim by late night. But on the next morning, everything is cleared. Absolutely clean.

mini-P4021031 mini-P4031032

The next morning, as early as 8am, the party has already begun.

mini-P4031033 mini-P4031034

Despite the drizzle, the party goes on.

On Day Two, we decided to go down to Kamakura to see the Dai Butsu (the famous Kamakura Buddha)…

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