Tokyo Day 3a: Imperial Palace and the Kitanomaru Park

It’s Monday and we planned to visit the Imperial Palace, so we took the subway to the station nearest to the Imperial Palace.

It was raining in the morning, luckily I had bought a cat umbrella from Kamakura the day before!

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A moat surrounds the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and these gardens are normally open to the public, but we didn’t know it would be closed on Mondays.

Never mind, there’s always somewhere else to visit. We walked across the road (the atmosphere here reminds me of Jalan Parlimen, somehow!) and came to the Kitanomaru Park. A bonus visit!

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This is an educational park and many students come here for study visits.

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It is a great place to be, away from the city and to breathe in fresh oxygen from the trees!

The air in this forest is SO fresh, it smelled sweet. Really!

mini-P4041236 mini-P4041237

A question.


Flip open for the answer!

A staff goes around on a bicycle to flip back the opened signage.


Students everywhere!

mini-P4041244 mini-P4041247 mini-P4041249 mini-P4041250 mini-P4041251

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mini-P4041252 mini-P4041254 mini-P4041256

Again, an appropriate manhole cover for the park!


We spent the whole morning here, taking in the fresh air and scenic beauty of the pristine forest.

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