Pet Fiesta Day Three


Met a dear old friend, and she brought her Bichon Frise.


Our volunteers for today were Chun Eng and Xiang Jun.

We sold another blanket (the Yellow Hello Kitty).


Luckily Xiang Jun is tall enough to put up the next blanket.

On Day One, Koo was around to help with this!


Xiang Jun, the meticulous stock-checker.

mini-P4100820 mini-P4100821

The crowd was fantastic today, but yesterday’s sales were much better. Guess it was a Sunday outing for many.

mini-P4100823 mini-P4100824

I believe poodles have really become the fashionable dog these days. There were more poodles than any other breeds.

mini-P4100825 mini-P4100827

A cat visitor!


This is Lina with Mimi. We sponsored Mimi’s neutering and now Mimi is adopted by her rescuer, Lina.


By late afternoon, Xiang Jun and Chun Eng had to leave, so Grace came to accompany me.


A young fan of my books. I’m deeply humbled and honoured.


Coco & Joe’s BARF was a HOT seller.

According to them, this year’s sales was FOUR times the sales of last year! There seems to be a greater awareness of the benefits of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for pets.


It was a bit quiet at our booth. Most of the people who stopped by were those who already knew us, or those who were attracted to our “neutering aid” and came by to enquire. Today was more of creating the awareness of what we offer to rescuers and street animal caregivers. For this purpose, I’d say today has been a success, even though sales was poor. I think we are going to have some new applicants as a result of this event. Now, that’s a good thing.

I met a lady who had just successfully rehomed NINE puppies to good and loving homes! Yes, NINE! And she showed me the adoption photos too. The puppies were all rescued. I asked her how she managed to do this and she said it was through Facebook. One of the adopters came all the way from Penang to take the puppy back and another came in his mercedes benz to take another puppy home. All NINE have been successfully rehomed. I was totally flabbergasted. Now they are thinking of getting the mother-dog spayed so I offered our aid.

Nowadays, many people are connected through Facebook. Some practically live and breathe Facebook so yes, Facebook seems to be the best source for rehoming. Get connected and let’s use Facebook constructively, productively and responsibly for the good of people and animals. True, sometimes Facebook posts can be a bit of a pain, but let’s learn to filter and take what’s good from it.

I was alone towards later in the evening, but it was okay, because the crowd was more interested in purchasing petfood.


I’m amazed that some people could just carry their cats to the event. I bet all of my cats would totally freak out if I’d done the same with them!

mini-P4100843 mini-P4100842

I spoke to Coco & Joe about the possibility of having their BARF product as one of our merchandise for fundraising. They were interested (yay!) and we’ll be working out some arrangement later, particularly about the minimum purchase and delivery as the product has to be frozen. Sit tight and wait for news, folks!

mini-P4100838 mini-P4100839

Yesterday I bought more chicken and the PatioCats absolutely loved it. So today, I bought still more Chicken and Chicken & Fish. There is also a Beef flavour which is a best-seller. For the inside cats, it’s still just Bunny, Cleo and Indy who were willing to eat it. Cleo is completely in love with the food, no doubt about this.

mini-P4100840 mini-P4100841 mini-P4100836

My husband and Jia-Wen came by to help me close for the day.


So did Connie and Koo. Connie was the one who helped me ferry all the stock here on Thursday and she came today to help me ferry everything back. Koo came all the way from KL to help me close and also he’s the only one tall enough to take down the banner and blanket! Thanks very, very much for this, Koo.

Thank you very much to all volunteers – Connie, Koo, Mary, Grace, Xiang Jun, Chun Eng, my hubby and son, Jia-Wen. Events is one activity which I cannot possibly do alone, so all help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks too to Bacoff and Orifera for allowing us to take stocks on consignment for this event.

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to express our grateful appreciation and thanks to Expoworks for giving us an NGO booth for Pet Fiesta 2016. The venue is really good as it is spacious and there is a big outdoor area of the dog activities.

We hope we can participate again next year!

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