Flipping the script

Koo shared this well-expressed article and I think many rescuers and caregivers in the animal welfare community may be able to relate to it.

Please read the full article here: http://jessicadolce.com/i-love-animals-too-much/


Most people simply mean that they care about animals and they don’t know how they’d cope with all the pain and suffering. That’s legit.

Could they say something better? Sure! They could say:

“I love animals so much, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to do that work. Thank goodness there are strong, compassionate bad asses like you that choose to step up.”

Or just something simple like:

“Wow, that’s tough. Thank you for your service.”

And then you can say:

“Thanks for appreciating what I do. It’s really hard, but you know what makes it easier? Donations.”

Then ask them to write your shelter or rescue or clinic a check.


So the next time someone says they couldn’t do what you do because they love animals too much, just smile.

Practice the fine art of compassionate badassery: know who you are, what you value, why you do this hard, but deeply meaningful work, and then choose not to get rattled by other people’s comments.

Choose to hear it as a compliment instead. Choose to spin the story in whatever way lifts you up or, at the minimum, doesn’t make your eyelid twitch.

In fact, go ahead and choose to interpret anything that comes across your plate as being less personal, less insulting, less intentionally menacing, and way more neutral or benign.

Doing that isn’t for anyone else’s benefit (though it will benefit others). It’s a freebie you can throw yourself so that you suffer less.  And wouldn’t that be nice?

The work is hard enough as it is. Flip that script so that it hurts less and serves you better!

Thank you for your service. You guys are the best.

To everyone who is in the arena, indeed, you all are the best!

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  • Chen

    Taylor Swift is an expert at flipping the script which why I love her songs so much. Her song “Shake It Off” is all about how to take negative criticism which she gets a lot. And so I always get a happy high listening to it. 😀

    *ahem – topic deviation*