Mr Quack says “hi” (with crossed eyes)!

Remember Mr Quack?!!!

Here’s his photo, just taken today:


Look at ’em eyes!!

For those who are new to the blog, Mr Quack was the ultra terrorist cat who invaded our neighbourhood in 2012, fought with and bit Ginger until the wound almost turned gangrenous (and that’s how Ginger came to our house – he came by himself and sat inside the cage to ask for help for his injured paw – how smart, right?). Then, when Ginger was under treatment (caged), Mr Quack came inside our compound and still continued to terrorise Ginger.

He was quite a character.

When he came, everyone (and I mean, every single cat) fled for his/her life. Well, everyone except Daffodil. She stood her ground and Mr Quack was actually quite friendly with her. But only with her.

I finally managed to catch Mr Quack:, with Rosie and Daffodil’s help.  Got him neutered and rehomed.

And he’s happy living in his new home! He’s kind to kittens, but only to kittens, not to adult cats!

quack and friend

Mr Quack, kind to kittens, a total terrorist to adults!
(Actually Cow is also somewhat like that!)

After 4 years now, he still disallows any human to touch him, but he sleeps in the bedroom and lives in the house!

What a character!

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