Thank you very much!



We wish to thank everyone very much for responding to our appeal for help on 2nd and 3rd May 2016. Donations came in from well-wishers, our appeal was forwarded, shared widely on Facebook and some applicants have offered to take RM10 less for each claim too.

Thank you very much, to all, for the goodwill and kind understanding.

We also wish to apologise profusely to our Chinese readers because it was only brought to my attention last night that a small but very significant part of the translation of our message was not conveyed clearly. The error is deeply regretted. I always wished I could write Chinese but I cannot and need to depend on friends for translations.

This has since been re-translated and it should be correct now:

Appeal to applicants to please voluntarily take RM5 or RM10 less for each animal.
Meminta budi baik para pemohon supaya rela mengambil RM5 atau RM10 kurang untuk setiap haiwan. 
我們呼吁申請者,假如在經濟許可的情況下,自願選擇將所申請的每一份補助金中的RM5或RM10不等的款項撥回AnimalCare. 即自願接受比所申請的每一份補助金少RM5或RM10的款項。

The appeal above was meant to be voluntary, as explained in the later part of the same post:

We will leave the voluntary reduction to you because it is, after all, voluntary. And we don’t know your financial situation. Only you know. Just as we have always worked with goodwill with all our applicants, we trust the goodwill will prevail and we can still help each other out.
Berapa banyak yang tuan/puan sudi kurangkan, terpulanglah kepada tuan/puan sendiri, kerana, ini ialah sesuatu yang kami minta secara sukarela. Kami tidak tahu keadaan kewangan tuan/puan. Hanya tuan/puan yang lebih memahami. Kami cuma berharap kemuhibbahan dan tolong-menolong yang sedia ada di kalangan kita semua akan terus dikekalkan.

But I was told last night that somehow in the original Chinese translation, the “voluntary” part was not conveyed clearly, or written using a not commonly used phrase. Yes, I am aware that in Chinese, one character can make a world of difference!

We have already amended Chinese version and have sent it out to our Chinese-reading applicants and we dearly hope the matter is now clarified.

Once again, thank you very much for the help, the goodwill and kind understanding.

We are happy to announce that as of the first 10 days on this month, donations received have been sufficient to cover the payouts without us having to dig into our reserves!!

Thank you very much.
Ribuan terima kasih. 
非常感謝你 (I got this from Google Translate, but it should be correct, I hope!)


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