The psychology of drinking water (from a cat’s perspective)

We’ve written about this many times, but will repeat it for the benefit of new cat caregivers.

The bottom line is, cats are just so smart!

The full article:

“It’s hard for cats to get water, because they can’t really see still water well, and they may feel vulnerable sitting at a bowl, especially if it’s in a corner, so they have their back to other cats who might jump on them,” she says.

Another reason cats might be suspicious of water in a bowl is the instinct that whispers to them telling them standing water isn’t always safe. It might be contaminated, for instance. For most wild animals — and I think we can safely say that most cats are at least wild at heart — running water is a better bet.

Dr. Greco explains that cats might also prefer running water, because they can detect it with their keen sense of hearing. It’s easier for cats to find running water using sound than it is to rely on their sight to find still water. And the swift-moving stream from a faucet may be cooler and more oxygenated, improving the taste.

indy drinking from the tap

Indy: I only drink from the tap. I don’t trust water bowls. 

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