Bunny’s fun in the sun

Bunny gets supervised trips out to the garden. More so now, because inside Bunny’s Place, it is rather tricky for him to move around, what with Cow, Pole and Cleo having not much sympathy for him these days.

The irony is that Cow, Pole and Cleo are of his flesh and blood (they are all in the same family) and yet, they bully him. Pole has been particularly naughty of late, she attacks Bunny (no fights, just bullying). We didn’t think our Audrey Hepburn look-alike would be capable of this, but there you go – she is.

Tabs, Tiger and Indy are very kind to Bunny. Kudos to the three heroes!

So, Bunny gets to come out to the garden where he can move around without the fear of being bullied. The PatioCats steer clear of the Buns. He has made that very clear from the start, years ago, ie. “When I come out, you don’t get into my way”.

Cat politics.


Bunny’s favourite is to roll around on the tiles.


Like so.

Nothing like a good stretch.

Bunny’s anal wound is healing well. It’s very much smaller now.


Heidi knows that if she keeps very still, Bunny won’t notice her presence and she would be safe.


Tabs is out too.


Of course none of the PatioCats are afraid of Tabs because Tabs is so good-natured.

mini-P6250058 mini-P6250059

Zurik watches from the gate where he is safe.

mini-P6250061 mini-P6250062 mini-P6250063

When Bunny is done frolicking in the sun, he comes back to this bench.


Daffodil also knows how to stay out of Bunny’s way.

mini-P6250065 mini-P6250066

By the way, Mr G came again this morning and Vincent went into hiding. But Vincent came back after we asked Mr G to go home. I’ve informed his owner and she says to just ask him to go home.


Time for the Buns to go back.


Tabs is upstairs.

mini-P6250053 (2)

After his playtime, Bunny is always very satisfied and takes a long nap.

mini-P6250054 (2)

Tabs checking on Bunny.

It’s good that at least Bunny has three friends inside even though his three family members bully him. Let’s hope that with time, the bullying will stop.

If you remember, when Bobby was blind previously, Cow was the one who looked after Bobby and would take him to his food bowl every day. Bobby would only eat if Cow took him to his food bowl. Then, it was Bunny and Tiger who guided Bobby around so that he wouldn’t bump into any furniture. They walked beside him (like bodyguards) and quickly go in front of him whenever Bobby approached any furniture so that Bobby would bump into their bodies instead.

Let’s hope someone will do this for Bunny now.


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