Thank you very much (September 2016 donors)

The economy is still bad, our claims keep increasing (220 animals this month), so we are truly very grateful to everyone for supporting our work.

Number of animals neutered this month: 220 (160 cats, 60 dogs)
Amount sponsored this month: RM23,237.00

If you would like to support our Neutering Fund, we thank you so much for your generosity.

Our heartfelt thanks to this month’s donors:

Anonymous donors
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Aminah Yahaya
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd
Chin Chee Kin
Connie James
Debra Ong Xiao-Hua
Ho Yuen Cheng
IMO Teoh Paik Hong
Jeff Choong
Jenny Ku Nget Hiong
Julia Chong, Premala Narendra, Irene Leong
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Koo Swee Por
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lay Chin & Lisa
Lee Si Hui
Liew Wooi Yee
Mary Yap
Mudita Friends
Nick Nadda Spisa
Raechel Kee
Soon Wei Ling
Tabs & Friends
Tan Hway Yin
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Teck Kong
Ti-Ratana Penchala
Vicki Fennessy IMO Elise Hill
Wan Tai Seng
Yong Pui Fun
Yong Soo Shing

And thank you to all these applicants who willingly reduced their claim so that the savings can go towards helping more animals: Ivy Trisni Razalli, Cash Thong Seiw Ling, Jenny Ku Nget Hiong, Liaw Jarn Har, Lim Ai Mooi, Muhd Najib Fadlullah Ilias, Tan Eik Sian, Tan Soo Mei, Lee Lay Kim, Nujtiya Chareansouk, Jocelyn Ng Kam Fong, Hoong Pei Yin, Eileen Ng Ai Ling, Siti Hazwani bt Hamshah, Lee Gaik Suan, Sandra Winata, Suhanizah bt Zohani, Hew Khur Shean, Norsyahidah Yep, Suzana Juwita Adnan, Adeline Chong Poh Yee, Siti Asmida bt Che Aad.







2 responses to “Thank you very much (September 2016 donors)”

  1. Melissa Liow

    Dr Chan, pls advise how can we get a stray female dog neuter. We cant get too near her. She had her 6 pups 5 mths ago. So far only 2 survive as they were adopted. The last 2 black male was poison 2 wks ago. The vet couldnt save them with drips. Really sad.

    Her 1st batch (named big sister) recently gave birth to 7 pups 2 wks ago. 5 surviving 3 females n 2 males. Just open their eyes. l think we can get Big Sister neutered without any problem as she is very close to us and play with us too.

    Problem now is the mother which we cant get near her. Tried setting traps but she got aggresive n ran away for a few hours. They really look after our area. Most neighbors r ok with them except for 1 or 2 who dislikes dogs. 1 of them even threaten to call the dog pound when they dogs entered their compound when the auto gate opens.

    Currently hv 3 dogs n 1 of which a female was rescued fr a drain 2 yrs ago.

    Really appreciate yr advise.


    1. chankahyein

      Dear Melissa, The only way I know is to either trap the dog into a cage or to gain the dog’s trust by feeding and being friendly. If the dog is suspicious of traps, then perhaps you have to try the slower way (gaining trust).