Sporo “Stray” is renamed Macho (ready for adoption)!

Updates: Macho has been adopted!

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Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/09/09/a-sporo-stray/

Stray’s story started in July 2016 when he was rescued by Datin Norely and was found to have sporotrichosis. He was patiently medicated and nursed back to health and last Friday (14th October 2016) was his final dose of Sporanox.

Stray has been declared sporo-free…finally! He has fully recovered!


Hi Dr. Chan. Stray has been renamed Macho because he is very macho now. Today is his last day of sporonox. He’s ready to be adopted.

Interested adopters, please contact Datin Norely at norely8@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much, Datin!

May you find a good home, Macho!

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